Claire May

name Claire May is a knowledgeable author of articles regarding property in Greece and Messinia. Her articles aim to help buyers with their research and assist them through the unfamiliar Greek property purchasing procedures. Claire has also designed a website to provide readers with information about property in Messinia.

Ancient Messini Messinia Peloponnese - Greece

09th March 2010
The ruins of ancient Messini lie scattered in a sheltered valley beneath the picturesque village of Mavromati, 32km northwest of Kalamata in Messinia. Mavromati is a small village built like an amphitheatre up the foothills of the sacred mountain of Ithom... Read >

The Complete Guide To The Messinia Peninsular

31st May 2007
Messinia Messinia lays on the southern part of mainland Greece, now divided from the mainland by the Corinth Canal. The peninsula hosts some of the most important and impressive ancient sites in Greece. It has a warm winter, it's not too hot in summer ... Read >

The Cost Of Living In Greece

31st May 2007
The cost of living in Greece is considerable lower than in most other EU countries, but it offers a good standard of living and a wonderful quality of life. Studies indicate that the cost of living in Greece is about 30% lower than Cyprus' and Cyprus' is ... Read >